Our CEO and Founder Fred Jones with Tiger Woods

YEDF CEO Freddie Jones with Tiger Woods

Background – The Youth Entrepreneurship Development Foundation was formally Action Youth Outreach (AYO). The AYO began in May 2004 with a grant from the Iddings Family Foundation. The grant allowed AYO to launch the Tiger Woods Start Something Program. Using the Tiger Woods Start Something Program as a teaching and training tool, the AYO programming quickly grew in response to the high demand for after school mentoring and entrepreneurship training for youth.

  • 2007:AYO developed a thirty-six week entrepreneurship program, which included business and technology curriculums.
  • February 2008: sixteen students, ages twelve to nineteen successfully completed the Tiger Woods Start Something Program.
  • May 14 – 17, 2008: In collaboration with Dayton Design Technology High School, AYO took twelve students and three adults to the Black Enterprise Conference in Charlotte, NC. This conference provided the youth exposure and the opportunity to have an interaction with other youth and business executives.
  • September 2008: Dr. Kurt Stanic, Superintendent Dayton Public Schools received a presentation of the AYO Youth Entrepreneurship Training Program and stated that the program would be good for the Dayton Public Schools.
  • 2010: Mr. Jones and the board of directors decided to restructure the organization and to include communities beyond the Dayton geographic area which needed the YEDF services.
  • January 2011: Mr. Jones met with Dr. Carole Hardeman at Langston University, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and discussed the potential for a collaborative training initiative. This meeting led to Professor Hardeman accepting an invitation to serve as the YEDF Board Chair.
  • March 2011: Dr. Hardeman presented a YEDF proposal to provide after school training services in collaboration with Millwood Middle School Arts Academy and Langston University in Oklahoma City.
  • August 2011: The Action Youth Outreach formally becomes the Youth Entrepreneurship Development Foundation. With this change, the foundation began to broaden the curriculum and focus on the mind, body and spirit of the student.
  • 2012-2013: New staff and volunteers are brought on board to help plan and launch the four modules at the three participating Dayton Public Schools.
  • The Youth Entrepreneurship program helps bridge the gap between academics and real world entrepreneurial experience with a supportive environment that includes local business advisors and mentors. In collaboration with local businesses during our 48 week entrepreneurship training we motivate students to stay in school, stay out of trouble and visit local businesses and institutions, which would otherwise be impossible.

VISION: A time when more African American youth and families are empowered to start, and successful manage their own business.

MISSION: The mission is to empower African American youth and families to become entrepreneurs. This will be accomplished by youth Entrepreneurship training, motivations to dream and by exposing them to successful businesses.

GOAL: The goal is to plant the seeds of entrepreneurship in the minds of youth, encourage them .

WHAT WE BELIEVE: We believe that by teaching youth the value of education, how to manage their resources – time, talent and money – they are enabled them to develop the skills necessary to become successful participants within the economic system.