Bill Pollard

YEDF Board of Directors ChairmanWilliam (Bill) Pollard is currently CEO, Monterey Consultants, Inc. (Monterey), with Headquarters in Dayton, Ohio. Mr. Pollard served this nation as a proud member of the United States Armed Forces for over 30 years and retired from the Air Force as a Lieutenant Colonel in December 1995 culminating a distinguished career with a myriad number of awards and decorations. He has a Master of Public Administration from Golden Gate University and a Bachelor of Arts & Sciences (Business) from Southwest Texas University.
I look forward to serving as Chairman of the Youth Entrepreneurship Development Foundation Board of Directors.
The Bible says to whom much is given, much is expected; it also instructs us to let our lights shine. So, since I am so blessed obeying this command is my primary reason for my continued support of Youth Entrepreneurship Development Foundation (YEDF). I strongly believe that African American men, must show the youth all available options for achieving success and “FAILURE IS ABSOLUTELY NOT AN OPTION”. This is deeply important because I have been blessed so greatly and know that I am only able to do so because I stand squarely on the shoulders of so many who gave so much.