The Foundation is seeking Collaborative Partnership with Government Agencies, Institutions, and Major Corporations to help improve and expand our after school entrepreneurship and STEM training in low income communities for at-risk students nationwide. YEDF is seeking partners that will help the organization deliver its Entrepreneurship and STEM training to more at-risk-students. We invite all who care about our nation’s future to join with us and help plant the seeds of entrepreneurship and STEM in the minds of our youth.

At YEDF, we depend upon the combined energy of individuals, government agencies, organizations, foundations, and companies to help us accomplish our mission. Partnering with YEDF is an opportunity to support some of the future leaders of America. Partnering will allow your business to:

  • Increase visibility for your organizations work and expertise
  • Gain opportunities to work with other partners from all sectors
  • Discover new synergies and ways to leverage your work for greater impact
  • Affiliate with a credible movement that has effective and highly visible leadership
  • Inform and influence public policy
  • Share in the Alliances collective progress and impact

Partnership Opportunities – We all have a stake in the future of our young people. We believe that we all share a responsibility for preparing them for success.

  • General Giving Opportunities: Donations to YEDF General Fund are fast-tracked to the areas of most urgent need; for this reason, we request the majority of our corporate and individual donors to donate to our general fund.
  • Specific Youth Sponsorship Opportunities: Sponsoring students from specific schools, organizations and churches can bring a unique sense of ownership to a donor. Specific Youth Sponsorship Partnerships may be made on behalf of an individual or group, such as a company, church or foundation, and involve cash or in-kind donations to a particular YEDF service or event.

In-Kind Support In-kind Giving of Services and Technology: YEDF welcomes in-kind contributions in the form of services or equipment. In-kind donations are invaluable in their ability to help our organization operate more efficiently. In some situations, in-kind contributions may even allow us to provide new and improved services (such as Website Design, On-line Learning, Transportation, Special training workshops, etc.