Module I – Personal Development – This program encourages youth to identify a specific personal desire or goal and begin taking steps toward achieving their dreams. The program helps youth recognize personal values, interests and training needed to achieve their goal. The Start Something program focuses on three national priorities:
1. Character Development
2. Volunteer Service
3. Career Exploration

Module II – Making a Job – Entrepreneurship is one of the most important “engines” that drives our country’s economy and helps solve problems. This program is a Basic Guide to Entrepreneurship Readiness developed by The Kauffman Center for Entrepreneurship Leadership. This curriculum contains detailed lesson outlines with student learning outcomes, transparency and cartoon masters.

Module III – The NASA’s Best Kids engineering program were designed to teach students the Engineering Design Process. Each guide has been created for grades K-2, 3-5 and 6-8, but all follow the same set of activities that teach students about humans’ endeavor to return to the Moon: how we investigate the Moon remotely (Part 1), the modes of transportation to and on the Moon (Part 2), and humans living and working on the Moon (Part 3). What makes this curriculum different than others is that there is no “recipe” for building the items in each activity and there are no given drawings. The emphasis is for students to understand that engineers must “imagine and plan” before they begin to build and experiment.

Module IV – Youth Health Care — Health Care: The “ABC Living Healthy” is a Center for Diseases Control (CDC) youth training program which students will comprehend concepts related to health promotion and disease prevention. The program characterize a complete health education curriculum, which emphasizes:
• Teaching functional health information (essential knowledge)
• Shaping personal values and beliefs that support healthy behaviors
• Shaping group norms that value a healthy lifestyle
• Developing the essential health skills necessary to adopt, practice, and maintain health-enhancing behaviors.
Also, the program addresses child obesity and fitness problems that plague our community due to the lack of exercise, poor eating habits and negative perceptions to good personal health.