My Brother’s Keeper National Outreach Project

The YEDF Advocacy Team will launch a My Brother’s Keepers National Outreach Project to develop national support for the YEDF after school training services.

Mr. Freddie Jones, YEDF Founder, President and Board Chairman, is sponsoring this project with a personal investment to strengthen the organization for transition to a new management team of young, educated and motivated individuals with a passion for youth development.

To support this most valuable project, YEDF has selected a social media team to develop relations and support from individuals, college/university students, businesses, organizations, foundations, government agencies, youth workers, teachers, social activists, and political leaders to support YEDF in alliance with President Obama’s “My Brother’s Keeper” Initiatives.

The YEDF Advocacy Team Leader will make press releases and media appearances to promote the YEDF after school services.
Please become a member of the YEDF Advocacy Team on this project! We will be tweeting thoughts, ideas and responses throughout the duration of the project, and posting images of the YEDF services which directly supports the “My Brother’s Keepers” Initiatives.