The YEDF is a non-profit 501(c)(3) youth after school education service provider which provides (research – based) after school education development training in collaboration with parents, businesses, institutions and community organizations. The YEDF seeks collaboration with and support from businesses, foundations and government agencies to successfully operate an effective and efficient after school youth education training services.


The after-school program was formed in 2003 and with a grant from the Iddings Family Foundation the Tiger Woods Start Something Program was launched. The program quickly grew in response to the high demand from parents for after school programming and mentoring classes in the community. Our program has always encouraged the participation of parents and involved those parents that were available to participate in the classroom activities and field trips.

In 2007 a 48-week entrepreneurship program was developed which included business and technology curriculums. 2008 in collaboration with the Dayton Design Technology High School we took twelve (12) students and three (3) adults, two parents and a volunteer, to the Black Enterprise Conference in Charlotte, NC. This conference provided the youth EXPOSURE and the opportunity to interact with other youth and business executives. 2011 and 2012 brought collaborative efforts with other organizations most notable is NASA which has provided valuable management and training assistance to merge the NASA Best Kids engineering program with the YEDF entrepreneurship program. From 2013 the YEDF has been restructuring that expands its goals to incorporate a holistic approach to our after-school training to including those disciplines that are most in demand now and will be in critical demand for our Country in the near future.