Message from CEO

Founder and President of YEDF

The Founder/President Message

We Hold the Keys to the Education and Economic Opportunities for Underserved Youth?
We, as African American parents and adults, must help to provide better education services to our youth. This must begin at an early age. We must prepare them to achieve a college education, which is necessary to compete for high paying employment opportunities.

The future employment opportunities for many African American youth who are not adequately trained in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) health cafe and entrepreneurship are practically non-existent. It is almost guaranteed that such youngsters will not be selected for meaningful employment and they will be unable to compete in the free enterprise system without STEM in their curriculum studies.

Robust Action by Parents

Parents are challenged to get involved in their kids’ educational development beginning with pre-school development activities and help motivate them to want to achieve their best. Parents must support the development activities of their children and youth through ALL phases of education development. Parents must let it be known that substandard education is not an option,—not for their children. The Foundation is planning to deliver its youth entrepreneurship and STEM training program in collaboration with middle schools, high schools and organizations. The Foundation is seeking Individuals to help build relationships and promote our services to businesses, institutions, government agencies and organization, is just one of the keys.

I appeal to my friends, associates, professionals, educators, business owners, and corporate executives to join us in helping our youth in urban communities deal with the challenges of education and economic disparity.