The YEDF is an After School Education SERVICE PROVIDER, which provides year round weekly after school youth education development training designed to plant the seed of entrepreneurship and business development in the minds of more African American youth at an early age. The training consist of classroom and field trips for exposure and the curriculums include portions of the Small Business Administrations on-line training tools to introduce youth to the concept of small business ownership as a viable career choice, the Kauffman Foundations “Making A Job” and the Tiger Woods “Start Something”

The YEDF has he experience, the interest, the leadership exhibited by teachers, parents, university personnel, business leaders, military and college students ready to serve in a series of functions. We share the interest and well-being of students and parents, who have not always received that entity which we believe they are entitled to: a first rate education delivered by competent, caring and believable adults, who possess all of the those values that really count in today’s global society.