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The Youth Entrepreneurship Development Foundation is planning to deliver its youth entrepreneurship and STEM training program in collaboration with middle schools, high schools and organizations.

YEDF delivers its year-round youth after-school education training in collaboration with parents, schools, businesses, institutions and organization.

Above, Norma Ross is conducting a YEDF teach the teacher and staff training session…. she never stopped teaching. Norma, was a dedicated YEDF board member, a steadfast advocate, a former business owner and a teacher with a strong passion for youth development.

In memory of Ms. Ross, the YEDF Board of Directors passed a resolution to deliver the Health Care Curriculum with highlights of Norma’s contribution to YEDF.


Exposure is essential to helping at-risk students see inside of major corporation’s manufacturing and government owned facilities to experience the electrifying sound of manufacturing and the assembly line robotic operations. Meeting face-to-face with successful entrepreneurs at an early age, is proven to be a major motivation and inspiration for at-risk students that have been restricted to a deprived environment
The YEDF provides training that inspire young people from low-income communities to stay in school, to recognize business opportunities and to plan for successful futures. We teach STEM, entrepreneurship, health care and character development to help students graduate from high school with a plan for success. The YEDF training will build on the YEDF’s core entrepreneurship program that is designed to engage under-served youth and integrate rigorous technical skills through after school classroom and exposure learning methodology. Central to the course, students will build business plans for STEM-focused enterprises.


More at-risk students become interested in STEM, entrepreneurship and health care at an early age. More at-risk youth complete high school prepared to enter college with an interest in studying STEM, entrepreneurship, and health care. We will utilize four levels of accountability to help drive student success. Students will understand the need to set higher standards and to defined goals, requirements, and timelines.

Students will better understand financial functions, banking and investments from supporting partners.