What Makes Youth Entrepreneurship Development Foundation (YEDF) UNIQUE

YEDF proposes to collaborate with MIDDLE SCHOOLS to deliver the YEDF after school training and develop a POOL of MINORITY STUDENTS imparting them with a greater appreciation and interest for entrepreneurship and STEM subjects. The YEDF programming and training is vital to helping MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS, African American students in particular, to qualify to fully participate in STEM Academies, High School entrepreneurship programs and STEM subjects at a greater success rate.

Why the programming is UNIQUE?

  1. YEDF after school programming and training is deigned to plant the seed of entrepreneurship in the minds of youth at an early age, encouraging them to stay in school and attend college making the YEDF programming UNIQUE
  2. Merger of the four (4) essential educational development subjects below into one (1) curriculum is UNIQUE
  3. The on-going, year round, duration of this program allows YEDF to develop meaningful relations with students, parents, volunteers and supporters making the programming UNIQUE 

The Curriculum:

  1. Character Development – The YEDF Program helps Kids learn the key elements and values of good character at an early age.
  2. BEST Kids – introducing kids to NASA engineering, helping to remove any doubt in their abilities, and challenging them to use their creative mind to do the work.
  3. Making A Job – introducing entrepreneurship at an early age is a must for kids in low income areas where most families have no connection with entrepreneurship
  4. Health Care – Kids need to understand the value of good health and guidance on how to stay healthy

Early Age – Leading economists agree that high-quality early learning programs can help level the playing field for children from lower-income families on vocabulary, social and emotional development, while helping students to stay on track and stay engaged in the early elementary grades. Children who attend these programs are more likely to do well in school, find good jobs, and succeed in their careers.

ROI – Research has shown that taxpayers receive a high average return on investments in high-quality early childhood education, with savings in areas like improved educational outcomes, increased labor productivity, and a reduction in crime.